Friday, June 8, 2012

Pink Hair

   This is my pink hair! I had just gotten out of the shower, so it's still a bit damp. 

   My friend Lydia accidentally got it on my forehead/hair line. Oh well, that's alright(: 

   I really love my hair when it's pink. 

   I'm off to soccer practice, but I think I'm going to pretty myself up later tonight and take more pictures with my FREAKING AWESOME NEW CAMERA. 

~~Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time~~
~~Marthe Troly-Curtin~~
~Phrynette Married~

Pink Hair and a New Camera

      So for my birthday, my dad got me a Nikon D 5100. I still haven't really gotten the gist of it, but it's still amazing! I hope that soon I will be able to use it proficiently, and post up quality photos on here!(: 
      Yesterday, me and my bestie,Lydia, dyed our hair! She did her tips Fuchsia and Teal. She looks like a fucking mermaid! It's amazing, she's so gorgeous. 
      I did all of my hair pink! It's a bit bright at the moment, but it should fade fairly quickly, and then stay at a nice cotton candy pink for quite a while. I'm so excited that I have pink hair again (I did it last summer as well). 
      The downside of it is that I got it all over my hands/head. But oh well, beauty comes at a price, does it not? 
      Lately, I have been trying more and more to not to have my appearance be all that is noticed about me. I want the first thing people to notice about me is my soul. That's hard for me to do. Actually, I think it is hard for anyone in a society built so much upon outward appearance to try and look past our appearance, and focus more on the depths of our personalities, the depths of our souls.  

~~Our true beauty is defined by our soul;~~
~~our appearance is just a camouflage~~
~~we use to hide our true beauty,~~
~~our true identity.~~

~~Andriana Kelisakieve~~