Sunday, June 10, 2012

San Clemente Weekend

     Yesterday, a lot of things happened! I went to a soccer tournament in San Clemente. (Another post about my soccer team later.) We placed 2nd, and I hyper extended my ACL and meniscus. 

   After one of the games, me and my boyfriend Josh went down to the beach, and took pictures on the pier and a pretty little trail after eating at a nice pizza/pasta place. 

   My boyfriend's pretty cute, if I so say myself :3 We definitely qualify as an awkward couple :p I'll make another post about our story, and all that mushy gooshy love-y stuffy stuff. 
   I wore a new shirt of mine, which I got from Foreign Exchange, and a vintage skirt I got about a year back from the Orange Circle in Old Town Orange. 

   I wish I had a picture of me in the outfit and the stuff I paired with the outfit, but none of them turned out well. I looked fat and frumpy >:( 
   Sorry for the picture heavy post! Thank you for bearing with me(: 

~~Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of~~
~~Whatever solid and durable happiness~~
~~There is in our lives~~
~~C. S. Lewis~~