Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Food Blog, The Angieriver Show

   I was surfing around looking for dessert recipes to make, (while I am incapacitated from an MCL/meniscus tear) and I cam across this stellar food blog. It's called the Angieriver Show, and every single recipe she has on there look delicious, complete with the nice pictures she takes of the food. 
   I wanted something with Chocolate and peanut buttery goodness, so when I clicked on this recipe, 
I knew it was fate that we found each other(: haha(: I'm so excited to try and make this, and so my Daddy is going to take me shopping for the ingredients right now! 
   I hope it turns out well, and I'll make another post with pictures of me making it and the final outcome! But seriously, go check out her site.    
                         It is great.

Vegetarianism is simply letting compassion
Guide our choice of food

Norm Phelps